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The Deal About Cinnamon Melts

Everyone had been talking about this new offering by McDonald’s. Being a big fan of all things cinnamon, I had to give it a try.

Cinnamon melts box
The box

It looks nice enough. The box was warm. I guess it’s best served that way.

Cinnamon sweetness
On the side of the box.

I should have taken the ‘cinnamon sweetness‘ as a warning.

Inside the box
The cinnamon melts

So, the cinnamon melts are actually pieces of dough (most probably the same as doughnuts) with butter icing and melted cinnamon sugar all over it. I found it a tad to sweet and not enough cinnamon. I was disappointed as I’d thought it would be like the cinnamon rolls from St Cinnamon.

Oh well, maybe it’s just that outlet and batch. Hopefully it’ll be better the next time.


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