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Happy Smiley Writer’s Group Meeting #7

Location: Republic Plaza’s Coffee Bean
Date: 18th June 2009
Time: 2 pm – 4.30 pm
People: Rozen, Sarah Coldheart, Raven Silvers, Nerwen (That would be me), Raven Azure

You might be wondering what happened to the first six meetings and why I didn’t blog about it. Basically I was lazy and because I didn’t actually contribute anything at all during the first few meetings other than some lame jokes.

Anyway, our normal meeting place, Geek Terminal, was closed for the day so we ended up that Coffee Bean around the corner from there. It wasn’t bad if you don’t mind not having free internet, no power points for our computers and meh coffee. Despite all this, it was a good meeting, having a more solid outline of what needs to be done next.

I’ve been battling my sci-fi short story project for a few days before I finally scrapped it and started all over again. The first draft was not going well at all but this second one seems to be working out. I know when a story telling is going well, when the story starts taking a life of it’s own writing the plot out by itself. That’s what it feels like with this draft.

So, as a whole, this project seems to be coming together. We have what we need to write, just the writing out part that needs to be done.

More updates to follow soon.

By the way, HSWG can be found here:

Facebook page
Singapore Novelists

P/S: I totally stole the format from Raven Azure because it’s nice and works damn well.

PP/S: Raven Azure’s take on the meeting can be found here.


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