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On Not Being ‘Well-Read’

If you’ve seen my personal book collection, you would know that I read a lot. How ever, according to some people in the family, I have trashy tastes in reading material.

Let me explain.

Said person has much love for books that are literary. You know the type, loads of drama, depressing subject topics and navel gazing endings. Basically, it’s every book that when made into a movie, I wouldn’t watch unless I have to because I need it for an assignment.

For me personally, I prefer romances, magic, fantastical backdrop of make-believe places with hard to pronounce names, filled with elves, werewolves, vampires, witches. To me, reading fantasy or romance is like watching the whole story unfold on screen, only that the screen is in my head.

I think that books like any other preferences, is not the same for everyone. To each their own, so I don’t see why anyone, even if they’re family, has the right to judge what your reading material is. Just because I prefer reading fantasy and romance doesn’t make me trashy. Just because you read only literary things, doesn’t make you smarter than everyone.

I don’t see why anyone should impose their literary tastes on other people. They should just mind their own business and leave me to the talking dragons, unicorns, elves and the white, blue eyed horses with silver hooves.


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