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Oh don't worry. Whales don't eat clownfish, they eat krill.

Underachieving Average Student Is What I Am

With the release of my exam results today, once again it’s proven what an average student I am. I know that I could have gotten better results if I’d applied my single-minded focus that I usually have to non-work, non-school related things, to my revision.

Instead, I couldn’t be bothered to go the extra mile and really get rid of all the distractions in the house. I want to say that it’s hard to find a conducive study environment but that’s just an excuse and a way shift the blame away from myself.

I find this innate laziness that plagues me to the cause of a lot of my problems. I want to do something about it but I’m just too lazy. See what a vicious cycle this is?

I know that I can motivate myself but only for a very short period of time before my attention is distracted by other things like books and TV. Then it just goes downhill from there.

If I could some how learn to be less lazy, be more motivated and hardworking, would be wonderful. Any tips? Ideas? Anyone? Beuller?


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