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Why Libraries Make Me Cry

I used to go to the public library almost weekly but over time, I read faster than they could bring in new books so I stopped going.

Actually, the major reason why I don’t really go to the library unless I have to is that the state of the books makes me cry. Take, for example, the book I borrowed last week:

dog-eared library book

The pages are dog-eared, the spine is broken and there are tears on the cover. This is actually one of the better conditions the books come in. I’ve seen torn off pages, torn off covers, boogers stuck between the pages (major grossness) and even blood.

I hate seeing books abused as such and that is the reason why I rarely lend my books out to anyone. It’s not because I’m selfish with my stuff, just that I don’t trust them to treat my books with the respect they deserve. Just reading about book burning in history makes my heart ache.

So for me, the library is my last resort to getting a book that I want to read.

What about you? Does the library make you cry?


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