Oh Look, Krill!

Oh don't worry. Whales don't eat clownfish, they eat krill.

Self Plug (Because I’m Absolutely Shameless And Would Love to Have More Link Love)

This post is all about self-plugging.

You see, I seem to like to make trouble for myself and this usually means that I create a site for various things and then totally don’t update it for weeks. So, to solve the problem, I’m going to plug my sites here and hopefully, people will go and tell me to update it and stuff.

Good idea? Yes? No? You don’t know?



Anyway, I seem to be liking this micro-blogging thing (and no, I’m not talking about Twitter or Plurk) (You see how I’m self-plugging my micro-blogging platforms? But I digress).

I’ve created two different mini-blogs for different types of contents.

Photo Krill is the photo blog where I post random pictures that I take when I feel like it.

Micro Krill is a site where I post up links, funny facts and pictures and sometimes even videos. It’s just a site made up of random little things that I like.

As you can see, I like randomness a lot. That’s because my brain has random thoughts through out the day and it would be nice to share some randomness with other people.

Since I’m being shameless with this self-plugging, please do add/subscribe me because it’ll make me happy. Why, you would ask, should you care if I’m happy or not? Well, it’s a nice thing to do and karma pays back in three fold, no?

So do visit me at those sites.

P.S: Me, having a grande iced latte from Starbucks has got nothing to do with the randomness of this post. It’s all me and not the coffee, baby.


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