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Happy Smiley Writers Group Meet #3

It was the third meeting of the HSWG and for the first time, I left the meeting feeling superbly energised and not feeling guilty for not writing or contributing anything at all. Anyway, let’s just recap what happened that day.

I arrived on time to find Geek Terminal full of people from an event for something that I have no idea what it was all about. Four of us had to squeeze into two tiny tables. Fortunately, two out of four of use were using netbooks, so we had space for drinks and food.

My first drink of the day was a soda that I just picked at random. (Click on the pictures to enlarge them.)

I didn’t know what to expect since the names were in Italian. The soda came in this interesting bottle with a 50s look. I thought it was cool. It’s something I imagine a soda bottle from the 50s would be like. The soda tasted like apples with a bitter after-taste. Interesting taste, I thought.

Once I was done with the soda, due to the fact that I was at a cafe that served really good coffee, I had caramel latte. The coffee art on the drinks at Geek Terminal are always my favourite part of any coffee drink. Even the glass that it came in was interesting. Too bad I was in such a hurry to taste it that I totally forgot to take a picture of the glass.

The highlight of the meeting was a visit by the author of Undercover Tai Tai, Maya Calica.

Sarah Coldheart and I were totally fangirling her and with good reason. It’s one hell of a funny book. The best part of the book, other than the fact it’s chick lit, is that it’s based in Singapore. Do you know how many good chick lit Singapore stories are out there in the book stores? Almost none because everything is either ghost stories or erotica.

Anyway, we fangirled and there was much discussion on the whole writing about chick lit for NaNoWriMo thing. Only another chick lit writer will understand the ‘challenges’ that we go through when writing.

After the fangirling thing, Sarah and I whipped out our copies of her novel and we had it autographed!

That’s her, writing in my book. You have no idea how big my smile was when she was autographing it for me. I may have even giggled a little and I’m not a giggler.

Yes, it was an awesome day for me. Not only did I get a book autographed, had coffee and basically enjoyed myself, my fellow writers inspired me with their enthusiasm. I finally had some ideas going for a stalled project that I started two years ago but never completed. I’m looking forward to completing that one this year.

In other news, I signed up for Script Frenzy.

screnzy 2009

I can’t start until after the 16th of April since that’s when I have my exam. I know that I won’t be able to finish it but I can always try.

I have the creative writing itch again and if I don’t get it done, it’s going to bug me until I do.

Sidenote: You can read more on the HSWG meeting at Seriously Sarah.

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