Oh Look, Krill!

Oh don't worry. Whales don't eat clownfish, they eat krill.

Grace In Small Things: #65 of 365

1) 2 roti prata for breakfast, with a large mug of tea.

2) The feeling of finishing a task that’s been bugging me for weeks.

3) Writing little stories in my head to keep me occupied when I’m commuting without a book and my music.

4) Curling up on bead with a good book, while it rains outside.

5) A cold shower on a hot day to wash off the grime and sweat.

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Now That I’m DONE With the Essay

I feel like the weight is off my chest. At least for now.

Anyway, I rewarded myself by making some Cubeecraft.

Fig. 1 Spongebob figure.

Fig. 2 Sort of side view of Spongebob. Ok, more like I wanted you to see how his puny arm looks like.

It was fun doing it, using my penknife and my cutting mat. No glue or tape needed, just folding and slotting the tabs into the slots.

I’ve printed out the vampire one and the Hellboy one to do later.

What’s your favourite cubeecraft figurine?

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