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Band Geek Memories

The first three years in my high school band were the happiest time in my teenage life. I enjoyed every practice session. I looked forward to it and I couldn’t understand why other people didn’t seem to have the same passion as I did. Sure it was a bitch to practice for a performance but I enjoyed every minute of it. I spent so much time with the band that my studies suffered but I didn’t care. I thought that making music was fun and for that three years, I felt like I belonged somewhere, (yes, yes, teenage angst and all that) but that was a long time ago.

While randomly looking for songs on Blip.fm, I thought, why not just see if they have that overture piece that I played when I was in the band and they did! I was amazed!

It brought back so many memories. This was the piece that we played for the first indoor band competition that my school band had attended and we won the bronze medal. Not bad for a school that has never entered the competition before. (The next one they entered, they only got a certificate of participation. That’s because the instructor sucked but that is another story.)

So anyway, after listening to the song, I thought why don’t I search for the other piece that we played for the competition. We played 2 pieces, one given by the competition people and the other chosen by the instructor.

They didn’t have it on Blip.fm but a simple Google search found it for me.

Hardy Mertens – The Heavenly Flute Player And The Dragon King –

I never thought that I would here these songs again but I’m glad that I’m wrong. To say that I’m having a lot of fun with this, is an understatement.

Once a band geek, always a band geek.

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