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Mio, How I’m Starting To Hate You

Dear Singtel Mio,

Why are you being such a bitch this weekend? Isn’t it enough that you drop the connection every half an hour or so? Now, you have to screw with my streaming/download speed?

When we ‘upgraded’ to you, you were all good; faster loading time, faster download speed, faster everything. I could even live with your occasional connection disruption but lately, you’re starting to piss me off.

You started with dropping the connection more often. I would be in the middle of checking my email or general surfing when I would get the error message, saying that you can’t connect to the provider. I would diligently restart the system but then, you said I have to restart the web browser to continue. This made me go WTF!!! because I usually have about four to five tabs open at one go and you want me to restart the browser?! Do you know what a pain that is?

Then, this weekend, your connection speed slowed down to a pace that made an arthritic, three-legged tortoise seem as fast a the speed of light. I have to wait ages for my sites to load, I have to be extra paranoid that you’ll make me lose my long winded blog posts and worst of all, you take forever to load my diggNation vodcasts.

All I’m asking for was uninterrupted, fast loading of the Kevin Rose hotness vodcast and you can’t even do that?

Usually, you would only take, at most, fifteen minutes to download a 500MB file but today, with a download speed of 8.6kb/sec, it’ll take about twelve hours for complete the download. DOUBLE WTF!!!!

Dammit, if you’re going to continue to be a bitch with regards to the connection, I might just abandon you for something else.

Absolutely No Love,

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