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Mama Needs A New Groove

I’m glad that the work day is ending. I’m in a mood today. It feels surreal yet totally fucked up. I feel like I’m going through the motions without really being there. Have you ever felt this way? It’s like I’m totally out of sync with the universe.

I guess it could be that I’m having trouble juggling work and school, even though I’ve only had two weeks of school. Being a full-time lab rat and a part-time student is totally different from being a just a full-time student or even just a full-time lab rat.

I’m so used to be the lab rat that when the student side of me comes out and play, they disagree and a fight ensues.

The body is tired but the mind is on over-drive. This means waking up more tired than before I slept.

Simply put, I’ve lost my groove, my mojo, Baby. And I need it back.

I need better time management since I really suck at that. I read some of the tips online but I can’t seem to apply them. Does anyone else have some other tips? Other than not spend too much time online (because seriously, that will not work on me).

Help. Please?

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