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Ogling The Boob Tube

I don’t watch a lot of TV for the simple fact that there’s nothing good on. Ever. Watching DVDs over and over again don’t count since there aren’t commercials and you can pause and stop when ever you want. I may get the free to air Malaysian channels but even then, most of the stuff that I do want to watch are usually at a time when my mother wants to watch something else and the mother always wins.

In the three weeks that The Significant Other was in town, I’ve watched more TV in those three weeks than I have in the three months before that. That’s because he has cable at his place. Do you know how many documentaries/cooking shows/crime shows you can watch in day?


I love it! In fact I can watch almost anything that is playing on the telly without blinking my eyes!

I watch the shows with such intense, single-minded focus that it takes multiple calls and even a shout to get my attention. I’m deprived, dammit!

My mother’s excuse for not having cable at home is that it would be a distraction for us when we were in school. I think she doesn’t want to have because not only does she NOT want to pay for it but it also means that she won’t be able to watch her shows. Like I said, the mother always wins.

Now that The Significant Other is out of town again, I won’t be able to watch Anthony Bourdain doing his tour, or the Animal Planet or the Nat Geo shows or worst of all, no Discovery!


*slumps into a pile of disappointment*

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