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Breakfast At The Science Centre

I think that that McDonald’s should have an all-day breakfast menu because like most people, I hate having to wake up superbly early, just to catch the breakfast hours at the local outlet. It’s especially difficult when I’m craving for hot cakes and I don’t have time to go down to get them. I’m not willing to pay that extra $3 for the delivery either.

Anyway, after much pleading, grovelling and all out forcing, I convinced the Significant Other (who, by the way, is NOT a morning person) to have breakfast with me. On a Saturday morning. When most of the island is still asleep or just waking up.

We met at the Science Centre McDOnald’s outlet since it’s nearby. The first thing I saw when I arrived, was Stan.


I don’t remember him being there the last time I was at the Science Centre, some time in the middle of 2008. It was rather creepy to have this animatronic dinosaur moving it’s head and looking at you while you’re trying to take it’s picture.

After all the picture taking was done, breakfast was had. I finally could satiate my craving for hotcakes.


However, I could only finish two out of the three hotcakes. The Significant Other wouldn’t help me finish it since he doesn’t like it. I think the thing that I was craving for wasn’t actually the hotcakes itself, but the maple syrup. I could eat the syrup thing like soup.

It might be naive but I was surprised that it was maple flavoured syrup and not the real deal. I felt rather cheated actually. Oh well, the next time I feel like having hotcakes, I’ll just buy a bottle of real maple syrup and have that instead.

It was a nice breakfast as both of us very rarely meet up before lunch time.

I think we should actually do this more often. It was fun spending the whole day out together.

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