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Losing My Cool

I’m not known for my patience or mild temperament. I was an angsty teen with much anger at the world (for no apparent reason) and very, very little patience. Over the years, I manage to have better control of my temper and exercise more patience with things. However, the tenuous control I have can be easily snapped when,

a) I have not eaten
b) I don’t like the person I’m dealing with
c) The person I deal with is a moron
d) When I have to deal with users of a particular machine that I work with.

Most of the incidents when I lose my temper would be due to option (d). It’s hard enough that the machine is high maintenance, it doesn’t help when the users do not give the machine the respect that it is due.

I’ve had the machine cock up on me but never as badly as it does when someone else is using it. So yes, I tend to lose my cool hell of a lot faster when it involves that particular machine.

Yesterday and today are no exceptions. In the recent flurry of activity over the past two weeks or so, one of the items in my work place went missing and that caused a chain reaction.

Missing item -> use the wrong reagent -> fuck up my machine -> I lose my temper

I thing the other reason why I lost my temper was due to the difficulty in communication. The user spoke with heavily accented English and I could barely understand what was being said to me. When that happens and the machine is fucked up, I tend to be extremely rude.

I would apologise but I don’t want to. The main thing now is that the machine is being cleansed and I hope that it will be in good working order because things have been planned for that machine and it’s never good to postpone things like that too long.

I hope the user will learn from this mistake and try to use more caution when using any equipment.

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