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The Cute Nerd On TV

It’s a well known fact that I have much love for Dean Winchester. He is what I term as a manly man, with his muscle car, his height, his sexiness, his ruggedness and his ability to kill monsters while making snarky quips. He is, without a doubt, good looking and damn sexy.

dean winchester

I’ve always liked the bad boys types on tv and he appeals to the side of me. He is not the only ‘bad’ one that I like. I preferred it when Spike and Angel were evil. In fact, I liked evil Willow over the goody-goody one.

However, in a recent DVD watching marathon, I found that I like the geeky/nerdy types too, especially if they’re packing fire arms.

spencer reid

This is Special Agent Dr Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds. He has three Ph.D. degrees and a very high IQ. Basically, he’s a genius. I find this character sexy in his own way. He may not be as good looking as Dean but his intellect makes up for it. He’s a repository of interesting things and the best part is that, he has a gun.

I don’t think that I will obsess over Reid like I am over Dean but you can’t deny that he’s cute. I want to lick him.

Take a look at this video:

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