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NaBloPoMo Day #30: In The End

So yeah, last day of November.

The novel was done in twenty-eight days, with much moaning, whining and complaining but I managed it.

NaBloPoMo though, I didn’t do so well. I missed out so many days but then, I did update more this month as compared to the previous months. That’s good I guess though I have a feeling that most of the posts are just posting for the sake of posting. There’s nothing thought provoking in any of the posts. I’m just tired and it’s hard to put my thoughts into words with so many people around me. It’s superbly distracting.

It’s been a trial of a month but I’m glad that it’s over. I wish I had the writing high that I experienced last year but sadly, I didn’t have that at all. The only thing I did have was the urgency to finish it so that I can get my purple bar, which I did.

It frustrates me that every one thinks that it’s crazy for me to do this; the novel writing thing. No one bothers to understand the basis of NaNoWriMo. Their solution to my feeling lost after my novel ended, was to write another novel. It makes me want to scream sometimes because no one listens when I tell them about NaNoWriMo.

Ah well…. I think I’m just tired. Maybe I should stay away from people for a while.

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