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NaBloPoMo Day #18: Bastardization Of A Perfectly Good Dessert

After a relatively nice dinner at the food court last night, I thought I would indulge in one of my favourite desserts, chendol, but this is what I got:

This is NOT what I wanted! A perfectly good chendol is simple. It has shaved ice, palm sugar syrup, coconut milk and some of the green noodle-like thing.

What they gave me is a monster! A freak, Frankenstein-like concoction that totally is NOT WHAT A CHENDOL SHOULD BE! I DID NOT PAY $2 FOR THEM TO GIVE ME THIS CRAP!

Not only do they have the corn, they have the atap-chi and red bean (which I’d already told them I didn’t want in the first place. Who the hell puts red bean in chendol?!). I knew they were going to put the red bean in but the rest of that stuff, who knew?

On top of the other crap that they gave me, the coconut milk was lumpy and the green noodle-like thing was nasty tasting.

The only thing that I did like was the palm sugar syrup, mixed in with the unlumpy part of the coconut milk. I had to eat it since I already paid for it. My sister said that I looked so angry over a dessert that it was funny to watch. Well, she wouldn’t understand since her ice kacang was perfect. Dammit, I should have gotten that instead.

Seriously, would you have eaten that stuff *points to above picture* if it didn’t live up to your expectation of what your dessert should look like?

Sidenote: I’d rather spend that $2 to go down to Geylang just to have what I think a chendol should be. Dammit, no more chendol from that stall.

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