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NaBloPoMo Day #17: Making Up For Tomorrow

During my recent visit to The Body Shop for the 30% off for Star Loyalty Members sale, I purchased a number of make up related items like eye shadows, eyeliners and blusher. The lady working there, who knows me by face now since I go there quite often, asked me, why doesn’t she ever see me with make up since I buy so many in the first place. I told her that in my line of work, it’s not advisable to be wearing make up but I knew that it wasn’t true. I’ve seen people who go into work with make up so thick that they look like runaways from the Chinese opera troupe.

It got me thinking, I have all this make up colours that I only use when I go out (which I must say is not as often as it used to be), they’re just going to be sitting there untouched until their expiry. This kind of sucks as I have quite a number of the colours and I love experimenting with them.

So this morning, I decided, what the heck, let’s just go ahead and wear some to work because I felt like it. I had on some eye colour (matte brown and matte cream), some eyeliner (The Body Shop black pencil liner) and some mascara. I didn’t wear too much to look like someone going for a Halloween party but just enough so people go Hmm, you look different today instead of OMG! Too much make up!. Of course all of this goes on top of my BB cream and loose powder. A swipe of lip balm and I was all set to go.

My friends never understood why I actually go to work with make up or basically powders on since we’re going to be spending a lot of time in isolated areas where you don’t really meet any hot, sexy men people. They’ve never had to battle acne since puberty so they will never understand the need to cover up even a little flaw. They have perfectly nice skin, so yeah, I don’t think they’ll ever understand, but I digress.

I realised that I don’t have that many matte colours for the understated make up look but deep down inside, I live for the shimmer palette. I have four of the shimmer cubes and I think they’re crying out to be used.

I think, I’m just going to start putting on a little eye make up for work everyday, just for the fun of it. I liken it to having bright coloured underwear. If colours make you happy, then go for it.

Maybe I should use the brown/bronze palette tomorrow, like this:

Eyeshadow pt 1 Photobucket

Ok, so you can’t really see it but the colour is there.

Anyway, I love make up. How about you?

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