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NaBloPoMo Day #16: The Pie Maker

Photo by Paul Goyette

At a recent trip to the video store, I picked up the first season of Pushing Daisies are hearing so much about it. I was curious but it took me a few days before I actually opened the box because it took too much trouble to look for my other seasons of Supernatural, which I was actually looking for.

I was not disappointed at all. It’s different from other shows that I watch, with the brightly coloured, almost animated background, the clever plot and the make-up for the dead bodies is actually not bad. The dialogue of the show is witty and funny. It’s the kind of dialogue that I dream of writing for my novels but could never carry it out fully. It helps that the Pie Maker is gorgeous in the awkward, goofy kind of way and the chemistry between him and his love interest is so sweet.

I think it’s too bad that there are only nine episodes in the first season because once I finished watching all of it, I want, really want to watch the second season. Now.

Anyway, this is what the show is about, in under five minutes:

Now I’m craving for some pie.

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