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NaBloPoMo Day #14: Going To The Movies

It’s been a long time since I went to watch a movie. When I wen through my archives, I found the last movie I watched was X-files. That was in August. I’ve not watched a movie at the cinema for the last three months and that is a record for me. I think this is the longest I’ve not been to the cinema.

I blame it on the dearth of good movies. There was nothing good, at least in my opinion, to watch. In fact the last two movies I watched, weren’t that great either.

This month though, is a different matter. I’d initially wanted to watch High School Musical 3 but after my sister’s review of it, I think I’ll wait for the video release of it. However, there are two other movies that I must, must catch; Quantum of Solace and Muallaf.

Quantum of Solace has Daniel Craig. Shirtless Daniel Craig. Need I say more? Here’s a trailer.

Good, no?

Are there any movies that you want to watch this month?

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