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NaBloPoMo Day #12: The One Where I Talk About NaNoWriMo Again

I've been having a hard time trying to write this year's novel but I've just discovered a way to make me get into the zone and just write. I need to get out of my normal writing places, plug up the ears with some music, have a large cup of coffee and write. I had a decent word count yesterday because of this.

In fact, I find that I get into the zone easier when I'm alone, with no distractions. If anyone has noticed, I've turned off my IMs, both Google and WLM, when I write because I get distracted easily. All I need to work on is this addiction to Plurk. The need to check for updates every few minutes is very overwhelming.

Last night when I was complaining aloud that I hate the story I'm writing, that it's so hard to write even a thousand words when used to come so effortlessly, my mum asked "why are you writing something you hate? Just write something you like, lah." Even the sister said something along those lines. It pissed me off because they don't understand this thing I'm doing. All they know is that I'm writing a novel. I tried explaining to them once but no one seemed to care or even bothered that I tried explaining. So I think, if you're not going to bother or even try to understand why I'm doing this, you don't have any say on what I should write.

Besides, I hit twenty thousand words last night. I'm not going to scrap all that hard work just so I can write something I like. I started out with something I thought would be nice to write about but the progression of a story, the journey of it, may not be what I envisioned. As I type this, the phrasing and the wording of the sentences are exactly like how I write my novel. It doesn't make sense does it.

I'm never very coherent in November with regards to blog posts, not that I was very much coherent in the first place. It's like I go rambling on and on, like right now. I'm also hit by the need to find out how many words I've written (373, I checked) and then pressing Ctrl + S (or Apple + S at home) after every freaking sentence.

NaNoWriMo isn't good for my sanity or my wrists but I'd still do it anyway.

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