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NaNoWriMo Update

19k words in and it’s still not as easy as last year’s novel. I’ve not written anything in third person for a long, long while and it’s hard. I can do it, just that it’s a lot harder than writing in first person.

NaNoWriMo Statistics so far:

Chapters: 10

Number of characters killed: 2 villages full of people, 7 zombies, 1 horse, 1 immortal god person, 1 stupid jerk of a husband

Amount of coffee drunk: About 2 cups a day, thereabouts, with 80% of them being from Starbucks (yes, I fell of the wagon and I fell off hard).

Number of sex scenes: 3.5 (Why 3.5? Because one of the scenes was interrupted by burning bacon.)

Amount of blood shed: A lot.

Number of times I want to stop writing because it’s just. So. Hard. To. Write.: 233,543

Most played artist from the writing soundtrack playlist: Lamb of God, Killswitch Engage

Number of times I wish I was writing about Dean Winchester instead of mythical gods/goddesses: 108,754,594,598

Anyway, the good thing is that if I keep up my writing pace (about 1.7k/day) I’ll reach 50k within the month but the bad thing is, I don’t even know if I want to finish the novel after the 50k (provided it’s not done yet by then). It’s taking so much of my brain to think up of the next chapter. They can’t possibly have sex all the time right? Or can they?

I might have to kill a few more people to prevent this from turning into another erotica.

More info on the novel can be found here.

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