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NaBloPoMo Day #9: Weekend Breakfasts

Weekends are always a joy for me, not only because I don’t have to go to work but also because of the food. My mom will always ask the night before, what do we want to have for breakfast. We would of course give her the normal answer, I don’t know. This totally pisses her off because, how the hell do you cater to 6 people with very different tastes?

Out of the many different things that she could cook, coconut rice is always a favourite, so it has become the default breakfast thing. The rice, cooked in coconut milk, with a little bit of salt to taste and screwpine leaves for fragrance. It’s usually served with either fried fish or fried chicken or even better, both, along with some fried peanuts, slices of cucumber and most importantly, sambal.

The quality of the sambal can make or break the coconut rice. It’s got to be the perfect balance of sweetness, spiciness and saltiness. I could go on and on about the sambal but I won’t. Just trust me on this, a good sambal is really important.

This is what I had for breakfast. What did you have?

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