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NaBloPoMo 2008 Day #2: Grandma, And Other Stories

Grandma did the darnest thing last night while we slept. She took out her feeding tube. You know, the tube that runs from her nose straight to the stomach, the tube that we use to feed her? She did it all by herself, removing every bit of adhesive that was used to keep the tube in place. When the maid woke up early this morning and saw that the tube was out, she screamed and called for my mother. I was blissfully asleep and didn’t know anything about this until I woke up close to nine in the morning.

It would have been bad but it wasn’t. Apparently, grandma has regained her ability to swallow, so we can feed her through her mouth again. This is good because grandma hates the tube very much and at least feeding her via the mouth, she can at least taste what she’s eating and if we can awaken her taste buds, she might have more appetite to eat.

We fed her with a syringe but she’s been very good with the swallowing and even taking the meds that were prescribed for her. It tastes awful (from the way she scowls and frowns when we feed her the meds) but we don’t have a choice, she needs her meds. Also, to prevent her from growing weak, we’re giving her milk and water every time she’s awake so that she won’t be hungry or dehydrated or both.

I’m glad that she seems to be getting better and I think that being at home also helps with her recovery. At least she’s in her own house, her own clothes and in her own environment. She looks healthier than before and I hope that she’ll get better and as strong as before.

In other news, I went for the first NaNoWriMo write-in at the Arts House today. It was the same old crew plus three new additions. I did manage to churn out more words than yesterday but not as much as I did on a weekend as compared to last year, but what Sarah Coldheart was true; it is only the start of the month. I’m still getting my gear started but once the words starts flowing, there’s no stopping it. I remember being so into the writing that I was sleeping later and later everyday and the story was the only thing on my mind for the whole month.

I’m drinking hell of a lot more coffee too and it’s only the second day of NaNoWriMo. I had two cups of tea and two coffees today. As I’m writing this, I’m craving for an ice cold cola, be it Coke or Pepsi, I don’t care. I’m an equal opportunity drinker. Hmm.. I’m really caving for a cola right now. I think I’ll go hunt one right now.

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