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My Grandma, Pt 2

My grandmother had a stroke yesterday morning and was admitted to the hospital. Her entire right side is weakened, she’s unable to swallow at all and she can’t speak. She understands what you’re saying but she just can’t reply.

It’s supposed to be my turn to sleep over at the hospital tomorrow night to keep her company but my hurts too much to see her in such a condition. I come and see her, hug her and kiss her but I can’t stay in the room for more than a few minutes alone because it will make me cry and that will just upset her even more.

As grandma is unable to eat, they inserted a tube through her nose, to feed her. I know that everyone is just as stressed out and hurting as much as I am, so I apologise to my family about the rant that I did a few days back. It was unwarranted but all I can say is that it was written in a fit of frustrated anger, when at that time, it seemed to me that not enough was done to get my grandma better. Looking back, I think everyone tried as much as they knew how.

When they were feeding her earlier, my aunt said that my grandmother cried. Maybe she felt sad and humiliated that it has come to this. My grandmother has always been fiercely independent and now, to have everything done by everyone else, must not only grate on her independent streak but also her pride.

I’m going to visit her again tomorrow. I hope that she’ll be more responsive tomorrow but I’m just being optimistic. I hope that the MRI tomorrow will give a clearer picture of what’s going on in her head.

Please take care grandma. Get well soon.

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