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Celebrating Eid


Like every year before this, I don’t really have the mood to celebrate. So to get in the ‘mood’, The Significant Other (yup, he’s back for a short while) suggested that we go down to Geylang Serai to soak up the atmosphere, the night before Eid. I’ve successfully avoided the area the past few years due to the crowds but I decided to give it a go this time around.

OMG, crowd was terrible! There were people everywhere!! There were people carrying tiny babies. There were people smoking as the moved through the crowd, three people deep. There were pretty girls with foul mouths cussing at people when they get pushed. There were barely covered breasts that threatened to spill out every time the crowd accidentally pushed them from the back. On top of it all it rained cats, dogs, iguanas and all sorts of large animals when we were about to leave.

As much as I hate crowds and people smoking in crowds, it definitely was an experience, being at Geylang Serai the night before Eid. We got to eat so many things that most of the time , we can only find during this fasting month. It was great! We had barbecued chicken wings, barbecued meat, kebabs and Turkish ice creams. Man, thinking about it makes me hungry.

Anyway, I guess in a way it does add a little to the mood since the sellers were trying to get your attention towards their products by reciting poetry, blowing their horns and various other things. I had fun but I don’t think I’ll want to do this again. It was too taxing to make my way through the crowds.

On Eid itself, I was forced to go visited my paternal grandmother, back to my dad’s childhood home. I’m always reluctant to go because it’s a two hour drive, both ways, and I’m always so tired after that. On top of that, I’m not that close to my cousins on my dad’s side.

This time though, I did try to make an effort to get to know them. It wasn’t so bad that one of my cousins brought her cats with her but I ended up taking more pictures of the cats than of the people there.

It’s all about the cats from mintea on Vimeo.

It’s not much and the editing needs works since I’m still trying to figure out how to use iMovie successfully.

So yeah, that’s how I celebrated Eid. How about you? How was your holiday like?

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3 thoughts on “Celebrating Eid

  1. haha I celebrated Eid at a Pakistani friend’s house party!

  2. @CC: That sounds like fun!

  3. MORE KITTIES MUST BE HAD. Hahahaaha. And I updated my lj on the Hari Raya thing anywho.