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Look At The Pretty Things I Got!


Recently, I ordered a new batch of sample kit from Everyday Minerals as the previous one didn’t really have a foundation that suited the colour of my skin. The new sample kit, that consisted of 3 foundation colours, Golden Medium, Medium Beige Neutral and Buttered Tan, finishing dust and a blusher, Plum Dust. Other than the sample kit, I also got two sample size concealers, Mint and Multitasking. I can’t wait to try them out some time soon. If they’re suitable, I think I’ll get the actual size and some brushes to go with it.

Oh look! Another dress! I know, I know… This is like the third dress within the last few weeks but.. but.. it was on sale! And it’s cute! Don’t you think so? I found it a little shorter than my other dresses but not too short that you can see my ass when I bend. The grandmother said that I should wear tights with it but I just can’t bring myself to do it. *shudders at the thought of wearing tights* I think it makes my skinny legs look like sticks.

Anyway, the dress is as brightly coloured as in the pictures. It’s some synthetic material that isn’t heavy and it feels somewhat comfortable. I don’t know what shoes or accessories that will go with it yet but fear not, I’ll figure it out.

Pretty, no?

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5 thoughts on “Look At The Pretty Things I Got!

  1. But you didnt show your face. So i duno it’s pretty or not. LOL

  2. weiii another dress?!! where am i gonna put my stuff wen i get home?!@hyperx: bugger off my sister!

  3. @Blackforest: There’s space lah, don’t worry. Love you lah babe, for standing up for me.

  4. Pretty dress you got there. Love it! 🙂

  5. nice dress!just dropping by from EC. I already approved ur widget, girl.your blog is great! keep it up!