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On Turning 27


When I asked The Significant Other, how does it feel like to turn 27, he just told me to wait a few more months and I’ll know for myself. At that point of time, I would just assume that it wouldn’t be any different from turning 21 or even 25 but looking back and really thinking about it, I was wrong.

So much has changed since my last birthday.

I watched my mum battle breast cancer and finally receiving a clean bill of health. During that time, I was always afraid that my mother wouldn’t make it and it scared it me so much. You have no idea how relieved I felt when the doctor told her all is good, I’ll see you again next year for your yearly check up.

I watched my boss pack up his stuff and left for his home country, leaving me feeling a little lost career-wise. Fortunately, he set some things in motion before he left, so I wasn’t going to be out of a job any time soon. I hope.

I watched my sister go off onto the next stage of her life, as a college student. I want the best for her but at the same time I worry for her. It’s hard having her away but it’s what she wants and in the long run, I think it’ll be good for her.

All these changes makes me feel tired, weary and older, so much older. I don’t feel like the same care free person that I was at 25. Maybe this is what they mean by growing up. Or is it just age catching up with me. I know that you’re only as old as your heart is but at this point in time, I’m more than a little weary.

I just hope that this year will be a better one. A year filled with much joy and love. I hope that I get into grad school. I’m thankful that I’m done with the driving, so that was a nice early birthday present (I can has car please?) and I’m really thankful that my mother is here with me to celebrate another birthday.

So happy 27th birthday to me.

Picture of birthday cake by cafemama

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12 thoughts on “On Turning 27

  1. All your experiences just brings about a beautiful, wiser and sage like you that teenhood cant bring.Happy birthday 🙂

  2. @rinaz: I hope so and thank you. 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday!! Can I come over for cake?

  4. Happy belated birthday!!!

  5. @DK: Thanks. My birthday is today actually.

  6. Happy birthday!! Don’t let all those changes in life get you down.Otherwise you’ll end up feeling like Bilbo Baggins.

  7. Happy birthday Mintea! You sound like a beautiful soul with so much experience and wisdom after 27 years -)

  8. Happy Birthday. I’m still holding on kicking and screaming to 27 10 years later…

  9. happy birthday mintea~Oh well, anything can happen within a year, hope when you look back one year later, you can smile with satisfaction~!

  10. Oops. I’m supposed to post the comment today. Haha. 😛