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Oh don't worry. Whales don't eat clownfish, they eat krill.

At The Half Way Mark

Today marks the fifteenth day of Ramadhan and we only have about two weeks left before we celebrate Eid. It’s been a relatively easy two weeks, what with the cool weather and all. However, it feels different from previous years.

This year is the first year that my sister will not be joining us for Ramadhan and Eid. I’m not sure how my parents (or even the rest of us) are going to handle it on that day since we’ve never had to go through this before. When I was in uni, I came home about a week before Eid, so I got to celebrate it with my family. I hope there wouldn’t be too much water works because if my mum starts, it won’t be long before everyone else starts crying too.

Another difference this year is that I don’t seem to have a theme or genre in the shows that I watch during my pre-fast meals. In past years, I would choose a tv series or even a trilogy of shows to watch over the half hour that I take for my pre-fast meals. In previous years, I’d done the Lord of The Rings trilogy, Star Wars (that would be the original three, not the new stuff) and CSI. This year though, I just pick a movie at random and stick it in the player. I finished the LoTR trilogy yesterday and I’m running out of things to watch. I could finish my BtVS and Angel series but my youngest sis isn’t a big fan of that. So I guess it’ll just be another vampire movie then.

The only thing that is the same this year is my craving for pizza. Every year during Ramadhan, I must have pizza at least once and I finally got it on Saturday. However, it was not as cheesy as I wanted so maybe another order will be coming soon; this time with margherita and super cheese.

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