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Eclipse aka Someone Wants To Kill Bella. Again.


The third book the Twilight saga started off where the second one ended, with Bella still being grounded but still dating Edward and Jacob not being friends with Bella anymore. However, how can any of the guys resist the charm and persistence of Bella once she puts her mind to it. So of course, Jacob and Bella are friends again.

There’s so much unresolved sexual tension between Bella and the the two men who love her, that I don’t know where to be disgusted or go ‘aaawwww’. Someone wants to kill Bella. Again. So Jacob and his pack team up with the Cullens to protect her. Somehow, I think that is the main theme of this series; Bella is in danger so everyone must protect her.

Stephanie Meyer mentioned in a video interview that this book is about choosing true love. I think that part is very well written. I felt for Bella when she had to choose between Jacob and Edward, even though there is no contest on who she would pick. To be in love with both men who in turn, love you so much that they’re willing to do anything to keep you happy and fight dirty just to keep you at their side. A small part of me was jealous of all that love that she had but then, I remember that this is fictional. Anything can happen in fiction and nothing in fiction is ever the same in real life.

I think that this book is much better than New Moon. There isn’t any of the I-can’t-live-without-you-so-I-will-kill-myself-if-you-die crap. Just lots of smooching, normal teen stuff and a little testosterone overload in some places. However, I found the scene where Bella begged Edward to make love to her, a little…. desperate/disturbing/wrong/distasteful .. I don’t know, I can’t make up my mind about how it makes me feel. I see where she’s coming from in context with her situation but does she actually have to beg so pathetically?

Anyway, I enjoyed this book and the last few chapters made me tear up a little. I didn’t expect to but it’s so sad to see Jacob hurting when Bella rejected him for Edward, even though she loves Jacob. The last scene of the book made me want to hug Jacob and tell him all will be alright (even though it never will be).

I leave you know with a video interview of Stephanie Meyer talking about her books.

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