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Make Up And Presents


It’s usually during the few weeks leading up to Eid that I go a little make up crazy. I go out and do some make up shopping and this year, I bought quite a number of eyeshadow. Don’t ask me why. I just felt like it.

So dropped by my favourite vice station, The Bodyshop, and got me some colours. I got 2 different shimmer cubes as shown below:

I love the colours of each palette and the shimmers just make me feel girly. I was doing some research on the best combination of colours last night and I found out that these shimmer cubes can be used both dry and wet. I didn’t know that! In fact, I’ve never heard of using wet eyeshadow before this. They say that the colours are more intense when you use the eyeshadow wet, so I thought I would give it a try.

It’s not a really good picture since it was hard to take a picture with just one hand. The picture may not show how different it is between the wet and the dry application of eyeshadow but trust me, it’s different. It’s so pretty that I can’t wait to try it out tomorrow night.

I’d like to try the eyeshadow like how it’s put on in these two videos:

Cool huh?

Anyway, when I came home today, I found a big package from my sister, sitting on the table. I opened it up and found stuff for my mum, my youngest sister and I. Here’s what she got for me:

A she devil outfit, complete with cape, wig with horns and a tail. Apparently, she said that it came with a pitchfork but it couldn’t fit into the box so she didn’t didn’t send it.

Here’s a close up of the wig:

It’s supposed to be my birthday present. I guess if there was a Halloween party, you’ll know what I’ll be going as.

Anyway, thanks sis. Miss ya.

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3 thoughts on “Make Up And Presents

  1. Are you going to post a picture of you being the devil? :PAnd those colours from the flash cubes are so pretty! You’re gonna look smashing!

  2. @rinaz: I don’t think I’ll posing as a devil anytime soon since the wig looks hard to put back into the pack.The shimmer cubes are pretty aren’t they? 😀 I should try them out soon.

  3. Yes I agree with Rinaz, would be nice to see what you look like as a devil :). I love my make-up and I am always buying some, much to the annoyance of my husband. I went along to the Boots Sale and managed to get some lovely new lipsticks and foundations really cheap. I love nothing more than sitting in front of the mirror making myself look beautiful.