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Feeding My Vampirism Addiction

If you don’t know that I have an obsession with all things vampires, where the hell have you been? With my renewed interest in the Twilight series, so does my interest in my other vampire books and my collection of vampire movies.

As of earlier today, I’d finished all three Blade movies and a vampire novel by Michele Bardsley. I’m going to have to go through my DVD pile and pick out the vamp movies to watch in the morning but I think I’ll just finish The Mummy first, since it’s already in the player.

In fact, after I’m done with The Mummy, I should finish up the last few discs of Buffy season seven and Angel season 5. I had overdosed myself with it earlier but since I’m back in the vampire cycle (Yes, I have cycles for my obsessions. Shut up.) I might as well finish it up. I know that Nathan Fillion is in the last season of Buffy, so that’s a good motivation, even if he is evil. I think the evils ones are almost always sexier (read = Angelus and Spike).

Anyway, another movie that I enjoy but haven’t watched in a long while is Frostbite, a Swedish vampire movie. I’m not sure what other people’s standards of vampire movies but I enjoyed it. Some parts are a little weird but generally I find it funny. Take a look at the trailer:

What’s your favourite vampire movie?

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