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My Hot Date With Rinaz


I was early for our date, which gave me enough time to do a little shopping of my own. I finally got some hair accessories to replace the ones that I broke at work, too bad they didn’t have the colour I really wanted it in. I even finally found the satin belt that I was looking for.

I met Rinaz at Far East Plaza and we had some nice Japanese food. Unfortunately, the service wasn’t great. Our food came late and they kept trying to give us someone else’s order, though I wouldn’t mind that if those were free. Anyway, the food finally came and Chillycraps joined us for dessert.

It was raining so we ended up at Gelares, which was just next door from the Japanese place, for something sweet to go with the savoury stuff we had earlier. There were ice cream cakes, cappuccinos, an apple crumble and tea. It was tasteh!

Then there was some book fondling at Borders where I threw money at the cashier’s face and got the following books:

Overall, I had a great date with great people. It was fun. I hope that I can do that again some time.


4 thoughts on “My Hot Date With Rinaz

  1. they knew chillycraps was coming, that’s why the food came late 😛

  2. weiii that’s exactly like mine la haiyoo!!!

  3. @ccc: No lah, they wrote down the wrong table number on our order.@blaackforest: That’s coz I wanted one like yours lah.

  4. i think the Ramen Ten at Harbourfront is the best having been to that one, the Far East and AMK ones. less crowded too.