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What If You Were Flight of the Conchords?


I first heard of Flight of the Conchords (FOTC) through the ladies at Mamapop, when they were raving about how hilarious it was. My curiosity got the better of me and I checked them out. Those ladies were right! The guys were so damn hilarious! Check this out:

So I’m really glad that they’re bringing this show here.

Anyway, thanks Yinqi for tagging me for FOTC 201. Here are my answers.

Ep 1: Jemaine attends Dave’s party and scores a date with a hot chick, only to realise she’s Bret’s ex. Would you go out with your best friend’s ex?

If there is attraction between the parties, why not, but not immediately after the break up, of course. That would not only be rude but insensitive. Maybe after months and months after the split (and if the split wasn’t bad), the friend is paired off with someone else, I would go for it.

Ep 2: Faced with the prospect of a dwindling cashflow, Bret is forced to hold signs (“Hot Dogs”) at a busy NYC street corner. What was your worst temp job experience?

I’ve only had one temp job before and that was being a relief teacher. It was terrible, at least for me. I don’t have much patience and dealing with juvenile delinquents, you need a mountain of patience that I just don’t have. My students were so bad that they made me cry. It didn’t help that I was only 5 years older than them. The whole experience made me not want to be a teacher at all, much to the disappointment of my mother. I just cannot handle spending such long hours with kids like that.

Ep 3: Bret loses Jemaine’s trust after Bret abandons him when they get mugged. Would you leave your best friend in the lurch when confronted by parang-wielding Ah Bengs?

I want to say that I’ll fight them back but most probably, I’ll be screaming my lungs out and running for my life, dragging my friend away if I have to. When your survival instincts kick in, between fight or flight, I think most of us will run. There’s nothing wrong in that, as long as you’re not leaving someone in danger. Then that would be bad.

What about you? What would your answers to the questions be?

Here’s a bonus for you FOTC and LoTR fans (there’s got to be some out there other than me, right?), here’s something interesting the ladies of Mamapop found. Enjoy.

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2 thoughts on “What If You Were Flight of the Conchords?

  1. Check out their “The humans are dead”. One of my fave. 🙂

  2. Thanks many many Mintea! Am still sad you can’t come but don’t worry *pssst* we’ve saved stuff for you. Also blogging a brand new post in honour of the Bret as an elf information..come back soon!DK: “We no longer say yes, we say ‘affirmative’.” 🙂