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Alas, It Has Finally Happened


My phone has lived up to its reputation by ending up in the service centre for repairs. Almost everyone I know who have been using the same phone, have experienced the same problem; a faulty touch screen and a wonky toggle button.

The problem started last night but I thought it would be all good in the morning. Unfortunately, the problem persisted so I have no choice but to send it in for repairs. When they asked if I was interested in getting the extended warranty, I immediately said yes. From the experiences of my colleagues, the phone seems to have recurring problems and having the warranty would then be a great idea.

This is not to say that I don’t like this phone because I do. It takes nice pictures and rather use friendly. I just hate that it gives problems at the most inopportune time.


3 thoughts on “Alas, It Has Finally Happened

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  2. Man – I so hate “wonky” toggle buttons. They ruin my whole day 🙂

  3. i just got a new touch phone as well. but the phone cant take photos well. the camera function is always unable to function… so after repairing once, i made an exchange for another brand. maybe you should consider that too. 🙂