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How Did You Spend Your National Day?

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Every National Day, all my aunts and cousins would gather at my house for a feasting get together and watch the parade on TV. I think that’s just an excuse for use to binge on good food and gossip.

This year was different as my aunts took my grandmother for a holiday over the National Day weekend and most of my cousins were busy. However, we still managed to get a cousin or two, along with their families, to come over for a get together. Besides I was itching to try out some recipes anyway.

We had a feast that included hummus, moutabel and gnocchi. My cousins even brought macaroni pie, so there was a lot of food to go around. Half of the dip was gone not fifteen minutes into the parade. That was a definitely good sign that my cooking passed everyone’s expectation.

Anyway, other than the food, I realised that when we said that we wanted to watch the parade, we really just watched the parade. That means that the moment the contingents marched passed and out of the area, we all stopped paying attention to the tv. I didn’t find the after parade stuff all that interesting, not even the fireworks. Maybe I’m just disillusioned by it all or just that I outgrew it. What ever it is, I enjoyed the parade portion of the show. Nothing like a whole field of men in uniform to get my attention.

How did you spend you National Day holiday?

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