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Pros & Cons Of The Sister Being Overseas


1. I get to lie on her bed, mess it up and there won't be any screaming that follows it.

2. Her bed has now become the repository for my junk (i.e pants, DVDs).

3. I get to watch my DVDs as late (or early) and as loud as I want.

4. No more loud argument-like conversations on the phone.

5. There's no one there for me to disturb (or disturb me).

6. No funny conversations with loads of movie reference quotes.

7. No one to make shepherd's pie for me.

8. No one to argue with me for the DVD not to watch. There's only so much Harry Potter I can watch in a week.

9. No one to argue over clothes.

10. No one to argue over who's going to make drinks during dinner.

OK, so the list is a little wonky since I can't decide of it's going to be a pro or a con but that's just it. I might hate the arguing and all that but at the same time, it's fun. I miss her.


6 thoughts on “Pros & Cons Of The Sister Being Overseas

  1. @payucash: Sure. She does read this blog.

  2. is your sis a cabin crew?when i read your list, it matched mine. ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. @nofruitplease: Hahaha. No, she’s not cabin crew. She’s actually overseas studying.

  4. I miss my sister too eventhough she’s 7 years older than me, we used to be so close. I miss her so much. sob.

  5. i miss you too babe…and clean up my bed will you pleeeeaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssseee??? i’m not going home to an itchy bed ok ๐Ÿ˜›