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Family Barbecue Fun

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After the previous barbecue I had, I was itching to have another one so I got myself a portable barbecue pit thing. After much discussions with my mum, we decided to have a little family barbecue.

We had the requisite chicken drumlets and satay. On top of that, we had prawn, fish balls and nice, plump marshmallows too. It was great! The prawns were awesome because there were freshly caught yesterday and my dad bought it straight from the fisherman. Marinated in just sesame oil and garlic, it tasted so good.

Since I had so much fun with it today, I’m definitely going to be doing this again some time soon. Sorry for the lack of photos. I was having too much fun cooking.


One thought on “Family Barbecue Fun

  1. I’ve been debating getting my own little bbq. Our apartment doesn’t have a deck and there isn’t much of a yard, but the grocery store sells these little 18″ pits. I miss the taste of a nice grilled steak or bqq-cooked corn on the cob. MMM. Maybe I’ll pick up some prawns, myself!