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Picnicking With Friends


Even though my mum said that I’ve been to Haw Par Villa before, I have no recollection of it seeing that I went when I wasn’t even in school yet. When the opportunity came up to spend a day out with friends at Haw Par Villa, how can I pass it up?

Much fun was has by everyone, I think. There was so much food that we had to play Indian Poker, where the loser had to eat a curry puff/cake. Poor Chillycraps, I think he ate almost all the puffs. He gave up the game when we moved on to the pandan cake. Too bad, because the cake was wonderful.

I’d brought my three decks of Snap cards but no one wanted to play with me after the first round. It’s not my fault that I won. I just happened to have more practice in the game is all. Sore losers!

Then we did what we came to do; be all touristy and took pictures of/with the statues.

Cool gate at the entrance.

If this was a horror movie, it’ll be a B-grade one for all the gratuitous topless females.

The first word that came to mind when I saw this was, SLUTS!>

I like dragons and to have a whole wall full of them was just awesome.

I had a really great time with at the picnic with rinaz, chillycraps, dk, xizor, mr & mrs malique, endoh, arzhou and nicole. Maybe we could do this again some time.

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7 thoughts on “Picnicking With Friends

  1. Yay for Haw Par Villa! we took everyone who visited us in Singapore there, it is just awesome! Is the dragon with the levels of hell fully restored? They were repairing it while we lived there and we never got to go through it.

  2. Seriously, I was kind of bummed, it being Monday and all, and this made my morning! Then again any post from you does!

  3. @Plantgirl: We didn’t get to go to Hell coz by the time we went down (we were at the top of the park), it was closed. I think the removed the dragon to make way for some construction I think. We didn’t see the dragon.

  4. Hey gal, thanks a zillion for the curry puffs. They were gorgeous and absolutely tasty. Finger licking good…!Going back there is definitely a good idea. But not forgetting portable fan and mozzie repellent the next time round.

  5. Yep. Great curry puffs.You should start a Min Kee Curry Puffs store. 😀

  6. *has currypuff phobia*

  7. @ed and xz: I think you should thank my mum for suggesting the curry puff idea. I would have brought salad or something. Hahahah!