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On Your Own


When my sister got accepted to the University of Queensland, my parents wanted me to go over with her and help smooth her transition into the life of an international student. They even offered to pay for my accommodation and flight but I refused to go. Personally, I didn't think it was fair since I had to muddle through it on my own, with no help from anyone.

Ok, that's just me being bitter but I do have a very good reason for not going even though it could have been an all expenses paid holiday thing. I think that by going there all by herself, she'll be able to build her confidence and learn to be more independent. You learn to figure things out on your own, how to get your own groceries, how to budget for said groceries, how to get around the city and even make friends.

I think that she'll be able to do it well since she's much more of a people person that I am. On the first day itself, she was already out buying groceries and getting a prepaid SIM card for her phone.So yeah, I think she'll be able to cope well. The first few weeks aren't going to be easy but hey, she'll come out stronger.


3 thoughts on “On Your Own

  1. I think its a wise choice. Some people have the ‘luxury’ of being guided throughout their lives and when situations demand them to solve problems on their own, they falter.It will be a good experience for your sis and she will come out stronger.

  2. Hope your sis reading your blog. =) She may be a bit unhappy that her sister was unwilling to accompany her even if that is for her own good.

  3. Good move. But hope your sister and parents understand the reasons behind it. 🙂