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Does This Make My Ass Look Fat?


I've been underweight almost all of my life. I was a scrawny kid growing up and all the way to my early twenties. I was so thin that my hip bones were quite prominent and I had people asking me if I had an eating disorder, which I don't. If you've seen me scarf down a pizza, you wouldn't think that I had an eating disorder.

Things started to change when I started going to the gym. I put on a little weight and I was actually happy for a while. When I discontinued my gym membership (because dude, that was one expensive gym) I started to gain more weight and I lost most of my muscle definition (and then the flab started to creep in). I gained a little more weight and actually reached my ideal weight recently, which was kind of cool. Then, after being a Small for all my life, going up to a Medium made me feel fat.

I look at my arms and the muscles aren't as defined and my belly isn't as flat as it used to be. When I look at my old, skinny photos, I feel fat and unhappy when I know I shouldn't. I'm healthy (sort of if you discount the elevated cholesterol level but that one, I blame the medication), I'm going to the gym as frequently as I can, my clothes fit better and I even have some cleavage now. I can do a few push ups and even a pull up, which is more than what some men out there can do.

So why do I feel like I should lose weight?


8 thoughts on “Does This Make My Ass Look Fat?

  1. You look good girl. It’s just all in the mind!

  2. so where is your photo?

  3. i know exactly what you mean.i’ve always been skinny but now, i am actually putting on weight! but instead of feeling good about it, i feel fat AND ugly.sigh.i’m trying to get back to my old weight again.

  4. Sadly, I can’t really identify with this – I’ve been mostly on the heavier side in most of my life until I took up musicianship and gigging, but now that I have a desk job the heaviness is setting in.I think the desire to lose weight is the image of “health” perpetuated by a lot of media, and the skewed perspective people have about themselves because it’s hard to look at yourself in the 3rd person. But if it makes you feel better, shapelier wins over scrawnier anyday in the battle of appeal.

  5. hey i was once a skinny person, but through depression in primary school when my crushed turn down on me i become anorexic, and ate like theres no tomorrow.(making up story,but seriously skinny)now i’m fatter than you, all girls think they’re fat, and when i’m fat, i always look myself in the mirror and say “man, you look gorgeous” beer belly is cool

  6. haha i know what u mean, im at my ideal weight now, and i feel healthier and am not falling sick as much, since i gained 2-3kg. still, having ur clothes being tighter and people making ‘ur fat!’ comments, it’s always quite a shocker. i guess tend to forget that the person muz fit the clothes, not clothes fit the person :)u go girl!!!!! continue to feel ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS 🙂

  7. wait…i dunno if its clothes fit person or person fit clothes..but anyway u get my drift HAAHA

  8. I think the reason we are never satisfied is that society paints a picture of the “ideal” and if we feel we fall short of that, for whatever reason, we pick ourselves apart. It takes an awfully strong mind to be able to disregard what society thinks. That and age. A few more years, and I might actually have that mind……