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Things I Don’t Like In My Food


1. Bean Sprouts
I hate having to sift through my noodles, only to find that there are more bean sprouts than noodles. I feel damn cheated. On top of that, the bean sprouts are always raw. I absolutely hate the taste of raw bean sprouts.

2. Frozen Mixed Vegetables
I hate, hate, HATE these things. I don’t mind the corn but the peas and the carrots… *shudders*

3. Peas
Seriously, the fresh frozen ones taste nasty to me. The only ones that I would eat are the canned ones. Yes, yes, I’m weird like that.

4. Carrots
The only kind of carrots that I will eat are the carrots that are cooked in curry and are all mushy.

5. Processed cheese
Fake cheese. ‘Nuff said.

What are the stuff you don’t like in your food and why?

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4 thoughts on “Things I Don’t Like In My Food

  1. I think there is some conspiracy theory behind the “Frozen Mixed Vegetables”. Most ppl i know hate 2 out of the 3 things.FOr me.. I hate the peas and the corn. Carrot is alright!

  2. I like everything you hated though I can’t stand the smell of raw taugehs too.Miexd veg with fried rice! Yum!www.xanga.com/dead_cockroach

  3. i hate all except the cheese part, haha.

  4. I also have a list of things that I don’t like in my food such as garneshes and all this excess stuff that restuarants throw in to make the food look more like a piece of art.I’ve never been a fan of those frozen mixed veggies either.Jamesblog.jvf.com