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How To Incur The Maximum Fine For Overdue Books


1. Borrow a book from the library.

2. Put the book on pile of your own books after you’re done with it with all intention of returning it the next day but you forget.

3. Clean up the house just before a big family gathering.

4. Forget where you kept the book because the pile of books where you thought you kept it is now a totally different pile.

5. Look for it but to no avail.

6. Totally forget that you have a library book missing in the house.

7. Try to look for it after a few months and then give up.

8. Have the book turn up mysteriously on the table after more than six months because apparently, it’s in between your sister’s books and she found it while she was looking through the pile for something to read, even though you’ve gone through that pile countless times and didn’t even see it there.

9. Return the book and pay the maximum fine of $25.

So the moral of the story is, keep your library books in a place that is very obvious and return the book as soon as you’ve finished reading it.

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8 thoughts on “How To Incur The Maximum Fine For Overdue Books

  1. wow 25 dollars i could almost own a new book =Pi very scared of paying fine, so even before I could finish reading the books, I’d return them anyhow.And the ecitizen notification can be useful, although sometimes annoying. After I have returned my books, i still received 4 emails from them.

  2. if you really love reading the book and would like to finish it, why not consider renewing it? It only cost 50 cents to renew versus $25 to forget about it ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. you were reading DC’s “Infinite Crisis”? ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. @cc: I actually prefer to buy the books because that way, no fine if I return it late coz it belongs to me. :)@msheepy: I think you miss-read the post. I did finish it, just that I forgot to return it on time and then ‘lost’ the book.@a_x: I actually wanted to get the graphic novel but ended up borrowing the written novel instead.

  5. oh.. one of the main reason why i am not allowed to borrow books from the library before. i think i owed them like 30 bucks since 1998…sheesh! :p

  6. i return the books even when i haven’t finish reading them..

  7. @musxart: I think if you have more than $3 in fine, you can’t borrow the books until you pay them.@lbandit: I do that too, only if they don’t interest me enough to finish it before the due date.

  8. I take heart that they have a cap on the fine. ;p