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Indulging Myself


Once every few months, I need some time for myself, be it just some alone time away from everyone or just some retail therapy. These past few weeks have been like a game of dodge ball where you can’t actually dodge the ball. All you have to do is stand there and take the balls being thrown at you. So I decided that I needed to recuperate from all that by indulging myself with stuff that I like to do. That is, spending money.

I bought some shoes:

I love heels.

I finally broke down and bought a pair of Crocs because they finally came up with something that isn’t fugly.

Then early yesterday morning, I decided that I needed a haircut and by lunch time, I had it done. It’s a good thing that there’s a hair salon near the office.

Then, there was the pedicure. I’d been on my feet almost the whole day and it felt really good to have someone massage my tired feet at the end of the day. When the lady kneaded my tired muscles like she was trying to make pizza dough, I understood why so many women love having their feet rubbed.

I found the whole experience orgasmic, with the feet rub bordering between pleasure and pain. I felt so relaxed and boneless after the whole thing that I would have agreed to almost anything. It’s the best thing I’ve had in weeks. I seriously think that a woman should get a foot rub every day because she deserves it.

So what do you do when you need to de-stress?

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5 thoughts on “Indulging Myself

  1. i go away alone, and spend a day curled up with a book, paint, or just sleep. i try not to go to places that have crowds, because i hate crowds.i need some time away, right about now, too.

  2. I give footrubs to kukunehneh! like twice in the last 8 months.. LOLAnd i hate crocs…. my crocs are squeaky…

  3. yea, retail therapy always help make one feel better :Pfor me, i would grab a chick lit and curl in bed 🙂

  4. i LOOOVVVEEEE foot massages too. i had my first during my recent trip to bangkok.walao it was DAMN shiok! i know what you mean about the “boneless” feeling hahaha.okay i need a foot massage now. =/ u make me gian liao.

  5. sorry Mint, those crocs are still a tad bit fugly…