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Taking My Writing Offline


A post that Ridz did about keeping a writing journal inspired me to do the same and so far, I’ve enjoyed the writing exercise that I’ve been doing almost nightly.

It feels very freeing to be able to say what is on my mind without fear of judgement, or hurting any one’s feelings and just say what I’m thinking or feeling without holding back. Lately, I find that I’ve been self-censoring my blog more and more that I’ve been bottling up a lot of emotion, both good and bad. I’ve been known to blow up at the most inopportune moment because all that bottled up emotions just erupted unexpectedly. So having this journal gives me an outlet to express those emotions that I don’t normally share with other people.

For me, the written journal is like a dumping ground for all my verbal diarrhoea. I write down everything that goes through my head at that present moment, like a stream of consciousness kind of thing. It helps through those days when I have writer’s block or when I need to just write and I don’t think that it’s suitable for public consumption. It’s a good way to get the story juices flowing too. I really hope that this will help with the story process for NaNoWriMo.

So, what do you think of keeping a journal offline?

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8 thoughts on “Taking My Writing Offline

  1. Well, Truth be told, I’ve started keeping a private journal WAYYY before I had a blog.It’s contents? Well all I can say is I’ll definitely be willing to pay more than a king’s ransom just to get it back.Like what you’d said, it’s a good place to write about things that you just can’t normally without attracting unwanted attention.Though I seldom use it anymore;nothing really appropriate to write about nowadays.. hmmm.. Life’s getting dull I guess.

  2. wow, didnt know ppl still keep diaries (if i can call that 🙂 )? i think its good to write & release. and yes, not all things are for public 🙂

  3. I think I should start to keep one. But the bad part about it is that I can’t understand my own bad handwriting at times. LOL!

  4. Ever considered password protecting your posts or having a password protected blog for you diary?

  5. @Chaos: I have a feeling that the contents of my journal are on par with yours. The only way I’ll let others read it is if I die.@quachee: Nothing like the old school way of doing things. ;)@Kris: Well, take it like as a handwriting practice or even better, that it’s actually written in code. That way, noone will know what you’ve written.@moby: I guess I find it tedious to have all the password protected thingies.

  6. i do have an offline journal, which is my design log. I like my sketches there, but I can’t stand it when I have to scribble and the handwritings become so horrible.I also have an outdoor log, which records my outdoor activities. But I long time nv update that already.

  7. I’m really glad people still write journals…I don’t know how to describe it, but journal writing is such a personal experience that I think it’s like a peaceful moment for people to reconcile with themselves…Of course, blogs used to be like that too but that was way back in the 1990s…heh.

  8. I’m also censoring myself on my blog. Simply too many family members read it now. I don’t have the heart to password protect posts because I don’t want readers asking me, what are you hiding…I may go back to a paper journal. I kept one in Europe and DC. I like typing, because it keeps up with my thoughts…but a pen and paper may be the ticket for working out my mental demons. Maybe.