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In The Mood For Zombies


What started out as a normal monthly DVD shopping spree ended up being a week of nothing but zombies. I’ve never watched Resident Evil in its entirety so when the DVD was going cheap, I had to get it.

I wouldn’t say that the movie was the awesome of awesome but as a horror movie with zombies, it was cool. I’d prefer if it was more gory; reckless spraying of blood and entrails, just like Dawn of The Dead. Less shooting of the zombies, more of the eating people. I know, I’m blood thirsty. Anyway, the ending of the movie was so unsatisfactory that I had to get the rest of the movies in the series. Even then, the ending of Resident Evil: Extinction was totally unsatisfactory. Damn all that setting up for the next sequel.

Coincidentally enough, there was a post on a zombie movie on my favourite horror movie blog, Lil’ Blog of Horror, that mentioned about Fido. When I saw that the DVD was already released, I had to grab it. It was really interesting and hilarious! Definitely one of the better, less gory, zombie movies. This movie is seriously a must-watch if you’re a zombie movie fan.

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2 thoughts on “In The Mood For Zombies

  1. WOW! thanks so much for the plug – and I am so glad you took in some of my favorite zombie movies. I’m not sure if a Resident Evil 4 will be able to deliver as I think it might be getting too dragged out; kinda like they are trying to keep up with the popularity of the video games, but falling short.AS far as Shaun of the Dead goes, if you liked Fido, you will love Shaun. Much bloodier, same comedic twist, and lots more action. Let us know when you check it out. I’d love to know your take on it!

  2. @petra; I’m a big fan of horror movies with monsters in them, so how can I not take in zombies. 😉 I’m looking forward to getting Shaun of The Dead.