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Why I Love Iron Man: A List


Too many reviews done so instead, I’ll just do a list of things I love about the movie.

1. The songs

2. The suit

3. The man.

Basically, the whole shebang.

Now, if only there were more scenes with shirtless Robert Downey Jr, that would be so, so much better.

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8 thoughts on “Why I Love Iron Man: A List

  1. I think I probably left half a dozen comments scattered all over the blogosphere on this movie.LOVE IT! Want to watch it a 2nd time soon!You might be delighted to know tt there r rumors of a sequel!

  2. i just couldnt believe my eyes robert downey could look that hot!

  3. @Kris: There’s definitely going a sequel because after this whole introductory movie, they have to give us more substance. Also, more Robert Downey Jr looking absolutely buff!@malique: I’ve always thought he looked hot even when he was in his drug addict phase. 😉

  4. This movie is the post I am working on now, as I am sure half the blogosphere is doing as well.It was a really good movie – and Robert played the role suprisingly well. Kudos!

  5. @petra: Totally agree. That man is hot.

  6. Shirtless? that gives me a very plausible reason to catch Ironman on the Big Screen. Thanks for your list mint!

  7. @Hector: He’s absolutely delicious. Highly recommended for the eye candy.

  8. I KNEW I wasn’t the only one who went out and bought this FANTASTIC movie. I had a crush on RDJ years ago, and this movie brought it ALL back. He’s just obscenely HOT in it. DAMN!