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Script Frenzy TGIO At Geek Terminal

With the end of the month of April, so ends Script Frenzy. The plan to write 100 pages of script in 30 days did not go as planned. Out of the thirty plus participants from Singapore, only three or four of them actually managed to hit the goal. Hectic life schedules and utterly no motivation only resulted in four pages of script. It’s like the first two years of NaNoWriMo all over again.

Now that Script Frenzy is over, I feel like the albatross around my neck has been removed. It feels so freeing! So to celebrate the end of the Script Frenzy, we had a Thank Goodness It’s Over aka TGIO party. Well, it was more of a meet-up than a party seeing that Rozen is out of the country and Raven was not able to make it. So, only Sarah Coldheart and I made it to Geek Terminal for the meet-up.

While waiting for Sarah to come, I had this:

Nachos with salasa dip and an ice chocolate drink

I took two dips of the salsa and realised there was red wine in it, so I ended up having the chips on its own. Actually the chips were tasty enough to eat without the dip. The ice chocolate was heavenly, especially on a hot day like today. But I digress.

So anyway, Sarah and I met up, had a drink, chatted and I got my Script Frenzy Sticker. Which I can’t find right now. Hmmm…

It was really nice to meet up with her.

Even though Script Frenzy was not a success, I’m really psyched about NaNoWirMo. I can’t wait for that writing rush again. In fact, I think I might try this again next year.

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