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Podfire Soft Launch At Geek Terminal, My Thoughts


I attended the soft launch of Podfire.sg at Geek Terminal earlier and I have to say that the experience was interesting. Please bear with me while I try to put into words what I think of the event.

To introduce the different flagships under them, they screened an episode from each flagship; Blogger’s Treat, Channel 65 and The Geek Goddess Show. Out of the three episodes that were shown, I enjoyed two of them. I liked the Blogger’s Treat because I like anything to do with food, but hey, who doesn’t. Being in a field were I’m out of touch with the gadgetry and all other things IT related, I find the Tech65 podcasts to be very informative and entertaining.

As for The Geek Goddess Show, I see potential in that but the first episode doesn’t do anything for me. Well, the featured sites were interesting in that I didn’t know that there were Facebook clones in China. However, due to the fact that the site is in Mandarin, I wouldn’t know what the differences are or if there are more interesting things on it. I hope that the future episodes would feature sites that are in English so that the rest of us non-Mandarin reading bloggers can check the sites out too.

Overall, I thought that it was an interesting event. Never been to anything like it, so I don’t have anything to compare it with. Even though I felt a little out of place, I still enjoyed the whole thing. Not to mention that the coffee was awesome.

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6 thoughts on “Podfire Soft Launch At Geek Terminal, My Thoughts

  1. Hi there, thanks for your comments on the geek goddess show. We’ll improve in upcoming episodes. haha to be honest even I myself not too good with chinese websites 🙂

  2. @estee: I look forward to the episode of The Geek Goddess show. 😀

  3. Thanks for your support.Need to do more work on the episode. One example is to make Sabrina eat like a hippo and not like a meek mouse. It doesn’t say much for the food that was served to us. You interested to be a guest blogger for one of our episodes?

  4. @aaron: I would definitely be interested if it involves food. Though I do get stage fright. 🙂

  5. @min-tea, our camera very small one.. If it is a super size camera, I would understand the fear. We will make you feel very very comfortable.

  6. Min-tea, it was good to see you in person.