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Podfire Soft Launch At Geek Terminal, My Thoughts

I attended the soft launch of Podfire.sg at Geek Terminal earlier and I have to say that the experience was interesting. Please bear with me while I try to put into words what I think of the event.

To introduce the different flagships under them, they screened an episode from each flagship; Blogger’s Treat, Channel 65 and The Geek Goddess Show. Out of the three episodes that were shown, I enjoyed two of them. I liked the Blogger’s Treat because I like anything to do with food, but hey, who doesn’t. Being in a field were I’m out of touch with the gadgetry and all other things IT related, I find the Tech65 podcasts to be very informative and entertaining.

As for The Geek Goddess Show, I see potential in that but the first episode doesn’t do anything for me. Well, the featured sites were interesting in that I didn’t know that there were Facebook clones in China. However, due to the fact that the site is in Mandarin, I wouldn’t know what the differences are or if there are more interesting things on it. I hope that the future episodes would feature sites that are in English so that the rest of us non-Mandarin reading bloggers can check the sites out too.

Overall, I thought that it was an interesting event. Never been to anything like it, so I don’t have anything to compare it with. Even though I felt a little out of place, I still enjoyed the whole thing. Not to mention that the coffee was awesome.

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